Abravault 2016 Up, And What’s Next!

Hi friends, its a new year, and so it’s worth taking a few moments to look back on the previous one. Hence, I’ve updated The Abravault thoroughly with a summary of 2016, and a ton of new music, lyrics & videos from the year. I also updated the other years a little bit with other things I found in my digital excavating as I collect all my dictations over the last 6 years to write as many great songs as possible from them.

So without further ado, the link to the improved 2016-including Abravault is right here.

Although I must say a little here too – It’s scary and saddening to me how despite relentlessly organizing and careful managing  my life, surprises (delightful or otherwise) have delayed me from entrenching myself constantly in the act of making music. I don’t believe in luck (Even if its part of things, it gets people off the hook of being responsible for their success), but I do believe in surprises making the path to success quite a bit longer. I go into 2017 a little wary of a repeat of the same old, although I don’t really know how it would be possible to postpone my music very much more, given what has been achieved of late.

2016 was a year full of huge victories for me, and lots of promising bits of magic, and some big blows too. Just read the summary on the 2016 Abravault page to get a real good sense of the immense amount of stuff that’s happened and is happening. Let’s just say here that this site is going to get updated a lot more going forward this year, and with minimal doubt, my perpetually delayed proper debut will finally be out. Primarily because of one major breakthrough:

In November 2016, after two years of constant revisions, work, collaboration, blood, sweat and tears…
Bryn and I officially opened Silverthorn Studios! Find out more in my previous news post.

You’ll also find other things have been improved in the site in general, and will continue to be over the next month.
Taylor is alive and in action. Get ready for lots of new episodes of shows I’m on and other news, but primarily, knock on wood: Taylor & Bryn music, and truckload of my own too.


Silverthorn Studios Is Open!

Well, it finally happened. Two years of preparation, living, loss, scheduling, rescheduling, revision, thought, blood, sweat, and tears… and we have the recording studio of our dreams to show for it.

You could say this really started back in 2009 in a dorm room at York University, when Bryn and I first met and casually fell into what would be one of many deep discussions on music, life & philosophy. It didn’t take long before talking and blazing didn’t quite seem like enough of a worthy use of our time – so, we started to look for ways we could make an impact on the world with our creativity, and connect others to their own. As a result, over the seven/eight years so far of our friendship, our lives have taken a markedly different trajectory.

We started with simpler creative victories – made some CD’s of original music, printed 100 copies and placed them unlabelled around campus for anyone to take and enjoy. We both made lots of other music during this time, and dabbled with volunteerism. Soon after, we graduated with B.A’s in music from York University. We found love with ladies, and we found heartbreak, and love, and lust, heartbreak, and love. I went to hell and back to rediscover my love for music after a long battle with depression, and stumbled into a career I love in voice acting at the same time. We started playing gigs and winning music contests – we ran Airbnb together. Later on, while taking a rigorous leadership program with the intention of getting trained to make a great living in the arts, I booked a part acting nonstop on a sitcom, then booked another show, then another. The projects we took on simultaneously started to feel countless, and always like a little more than we could handle. Bryn ran a thriving harmonica school, surpassed me in guitar skill, became a personal trainer, released a highly ambitious album. I created a leadership program for children – ran multiple songwriting workshops. Wrote music for film & TV. We played music in small-town Ontario venues till our fingers bled on the weekends. Then, unexpectedly, we even becoming art dealers!

But out of all our victories, making this studio has been, by far, the most challenging one since the start of our friendship, and likely in our 25 & 26 years on this planet. But when you prove to yourself you can keep your word and follow through on the other things, and jump the bar with so many other hurdles together – heck, everything starts to seem possible.

But we didn’t just make this studio to prove we could. No – those conversations at the start of our friendship, about a grander purpose, I believe, planted the seeds that kept us pushing through.

Although sometimes we lost sight of why we were doing what we were doing, most of the time, we were lit up by a desire to make a profound difference for other people – an indelible spark to give others the tools to light their way. A desire to empower others to live life with an imaginative will, one that bends with the wind, and can turn the wind into Larabars in case you get hungry.

Silverthorn Studios isn’t just a studio – it’s a space where anything you’ve ever wanted becomes possible, a space where our creative ambitions and desire to make a profound impact, and yours, can become reality.

Managing and overseeing a space of this expense, quality, and magnitude as 20-something musicians who were paying the bills as creative entrepreneurs (aka, mostly from music and acting) is something the world generally says is impossible… So, since we did that – making hit music? Helping you make the album of your dreams? Seems like smooth sailin’ from here. It’s like we’ve been training in 3x gravity the last couple years, and now its time to shine.

Yup! Kiefer Sutherland was pretty much our first client! Photographed here with our primary studio construction consultants (who also ran the session) – Glen Alan and Greg Kolchinsky.

From the folks at Find A Way, to all our contractors, Futurpreneur Canada, our coaches, consultants, electricians, producers, engineers, and to everyone who encouraged us to keep going, a tremendous thank you goes out to *all* of you. I believe in other places I’ve acknowledged all of those dozens of people more specifically and will continue to in daily life.

However, I want to write some particular acknowledgments to the absolute lynchpins of the operation here – those that, from which, everything else happened. To Glen Alan, our core consultant: A billion thank yous for going and keeping your word to us when life made it a daunting task to keep helping out – I am so tremendously grateful to have had your guidance, and your willingness and trust that we will treat your equipment well. Above all else, I just want to thank you for being you, and for believing in Bryn & I.

Of course Bryn Scott-Grimes: my multi-business partner, music brother, housemate, personal trainer, realist, surrealist, and one talented mofo: Like I said before, just a bottomless thanks for being in my life, believing in me when it felt like nobody else did, and persisting all these years with me. You throw around the word destiny a lot lately, and I feel it too when it comes to this studio, and our friendship. It obviously surpasses words when you’ve been to hell and back with someone. We’ve been through so much, but really all it comes down to, for now at least, is thank you, and I’m damn curious to see what boss battles we face next on the road to Massey Hall.


(We’ll put Bryn’s mason jar of wine in in post 😉

Finally, I’d just like to thank my parents, who finally got to see the studio the other night: Thank you for nurturing my ambitions, and giving me space to explore them. Thank you for your understanding – for giving me shelter, food, support. Thank you for giving me life. I know as parents you can never know what mark your child will leave… well, I hope I’m not leaving a skidmark 😉

But in all seriousness, than you. Thank you all. The cane is pulling me off the stage.

Book a session today and see what we can do for you!



(In the studio showing my parents for the first time)

Silverthorn Studios is a professional recording, rehearsal, lesson & event space located in Toronto, Ontario. It features seven different recording rooms, engineers that boast over twenty years of experience working with the industry’s best, and a meticulous construction over a two-year period. We are committed to a warm, versatile, and professional atmosphere, and extraordinary customer service.

If you would like to set up a viewing, or have any questions, feel free to reach us at:


And be sure to like us on facebook and instagram.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

In 2015 – While social media was getting too social, WW3 seemed right around the bend, and Garfield celebrated 37 years in print, I was having a very ‘T’ centric year. Yes, a particularly career-focused year, which left me very self-absorbed (My heart probably shrank a size temporarily), and gave me a gushing waterfall of progress that has me a little scared (another word for excited) about how much wonderful stuff will be going on in 2016. I’ve never been so demanded of (my phone calendar truly looks like a kid was let loose with a crayon in it) – and also never felt more like a mwaon!

Lets look back at the great, the sad, and the fugly!

  • This website came to be! That may not sound like much, but it was a long-drawn out procedure. In particular, I slaved for over a month with little interruption, making sense of my past and compiling the Abravault section of it. Speaking of which, I just updated 2015 section of the Abravault fully. Take a look at it here. Was all the effort of making it worth it? … Not sure, probably not.
  • Voice acting to extremes! Recorded 44 episodes of Fangbone! this year as the titular role, plus a web game that’s going along with the series. Episodes start airing this year around the world on Disney and I’m very very excited. I would watch

    it religiously even if I wasn’t in it, seriously. This is the show I wrote the theme for as well. Also, The Stanley Dynamic began airing – and we got picked up for a well deserved second season! So far, everyone involved have busted off our keisters and 13 episodes of Season 2 have been taped out of the 26 order. I’m on set for all of this process – and its very fun, very challenging work. Imagine voice acting for a 12 hour filming day, learning blocking, learning droves of lines that can change the night before. I had to turn down a lead in another cartoon series cos there’s literally no time in a week. A crazy good(?) problem to have! Other projects I voiced on also starting airing around the world, including a re-boot of George Of The Jungle.

  • I began writing & producing songs for Super Planet Dolan – the animated videos for these songs I wrote, produced, performed & assisted with the story-boarding, have garnered nearly SIX MILLION VIEWS since they began debuting in September, and the views and positive response just keep coming, which is awesome and very gratifying! If you haven’t seen em’ yet, take a look at the bottom of the page for a playlist that has all of them in perpetuity (and some that are clearly made by someone else), or here. Mae
  • Taylor & Bryn paid plenty of dues. As a new duo, and it being a very alien thing to both Bryn & I, its nice to hear us starting to really come into our own as a unit. It helps being housemates and having every part of our lives intertwined – including weekly meetings just so we can keep on track of all the little strands of stuff there always is to do. Played Montreal, Wasaga Beach, Georgetown, Toronto, weddings… all over Ontario! In the midst of everything else we’re doing, somehow we prepared over four hours worth of songs we can perform – originals, covers. Sometimes after a work week of using my voice intensely on set, I’d have to play a three hour gig on the weekend too (and self-record a cartoon audition or two). And with my awesome diet and exercise routine I began (with no small thanks to Bryn for) – I only got sick once this year at the very end of it! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, mother nature! We are getting far along in our debut single, and figuring out other recordings too. Check out the Taylor & Bryn website, including some new demo recordings, here.
  • This year was huge in the saga of getting our professional recording studio, Silverthorn Studios, operational. Bryn & I, with help from some very skilled studio folks, have made tremendous progress. I’ll spare you the immense amount of detail and drudgery – but I will say, a lot goes into making a recording studio right, and anywhere something could get held up or go wrong – it did. But that’s simply what it takes to have the creative independence to make the recordings I’ve always wanted to, and to create an amazing spot for the Toronto music community – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve got a lot of the foundation work done, including securing a massive bank loan we were looking for, and some very promising partnerships with equipment from a long-time professional studio, which will bring our studio on-par with most other recording studios in the country.
  • On a more personal note – I put myself out on a limb for love, a lot – without the results I was hoping for. But hey, I got some good song ideas out of it. Hurting to breathe makes good music. I’ve also been coming to turns with the significantly changing state of my grandparents. Bryn & I put on a surprise concert for them, in fact, as a little gift after they completed downsizing, a move that was, in no small part, due to the incredible effort of my wonderful parents.

  • Signe & I had a bestselling book & spread the power of creativity and songwriting! The Song Creation Formula, a book for which I wrote a section, became a bestseller due to a brilliant campaign by Signe Miranda, who is also my co-partner in leading our Song Creation Workshop and Song Creation Samples. We lead some powerful sessions this year, leaving people passionate, alive & unstoppable in their songwriting & their lives. Check out our Song Creation website here.
  • The Beaver Den, my musical, had a workshop production with a super revamped script & songbook – lots of new songs by me, I contributed to the story a ton. Slaved on this. We’ll have to see if there’ll be more productions of this puppy in the future. You can find my copious amount of demo recordings for this production in the 2015 page of The Abravault on my website, FYI.
  • The EP I promised this year didn’t happen! And that’s okay. I had to make an executive call, and made it up to all who had pre-ordered. Having our own studio soon will certainly streamline the process of making my solo music, not to mention Taylor & Bryn and everything else I do!
  • Bryn & I turned parts of our dwelling into a crazy successful Airbnb! Take a look at it here.

I guess that covers the real meat and potatoes of it. Looking forward – 2016 will be a brilliant year, and I’m excited to share it with all of you! I’ve had a lot of lessons, a lot of struggle, a lot of victory, a lot of things not going as planned despite very deliberate and cautious planning. In other words, a lot of life, and along with rhythm and music…  who could ask for anything more? Old man trouble, I don’t mind him.

Thank you all for being a part of my world, and a happy happy new year to you.



Music For Super Planet Dolan Goes Viral!


Hi guys! Taylor here. Lots going on – currently filming season 2 of The Stanley Dynamic, finishing up a pro recording studio, working on Taylor & Bryn music, and more!

One thing I’ve been up to over the last few months I wanted to really let you know about, cos its quite fresh, is I was hired to write and produce songs for Super Planet Dolan, a new channel by Youtube phenom Danger Dolan. All the songs I’ve been making are twisted children’s tunes
– both re-worked nursurey rhymes and songs that are entirely original – designed so both adults and kids can enjoy.

As of typing these, three of the songs I created for him have animated videos, and the plan is to have a new song/video uploaded every two weeks by me. They’ve been doing really well, generally receiving about 200,000 views each so far! Many thanks to everyone involved in making these possible!!

Below is an original kids song video that the internet’s been eating up – over 100,000 plays in three days. Was inspired to write this one by a split second of a Neil Young music video that showed a real place in Northern Ontario called the ‘Beaver Motel’. Enjoy!

And be sure to check out the ‘Songs From Super Planet Dolan Vol 1’ EP on Bandcamp here.
Or Itunes here.

Bob! The Slob, Live On Teletoon.ca

Currently available to all Canadian residents, Taylor plays Jonas in this new animated pilot, available in an interactive fashion on Teletoon.com! After each part of the episode plays, you can choose to make a segment of it ‘gross’, ‘grosser’, or ‘grossest’. Definitely not for the squeamish! 🙂

Show your support, and perhaps you’ll get to see a lot more Bob! The Slob!

Click right here to watch it!



(Jonas is super stoked that you’re planning to watch!)

The Abravault Live Stream Event! (Vol 1)

**The Abravault Live! Stream Event (Vol 1) is now archived here. An infinitely better sounding audio recording (as unfortunately, the mics were not being picked up by the live stream), is available on the 2015 Abravault page**


To celebrate the launch of the website, and particularly The Abravault, I’ll be doing an impromptu live stream show of Abravault content May 13th!


From the comfort of my home, I’ll play songs from all over the map – recent tunes, to the hilariously ancient (and never to be played again!). And, since I almost always remember the melodies to the songs I make – I’ll also play tunes from long, long ago for which only lyrics & chord charts seem to exist.

Message me as I go with your requests, and I might just play it! In case you can’t make it, the stream will also be recorded & added to the site.

Catch it live as it happens, May 13th. 1 PM – 4 PM EST by clicking here.

The Website Is Live!

The unlikely has happened! After formatting complexities, computer crashes, shifty web designers taking my money and disappearing, and a whole host of other adventures – perseverance has prevailed!

Regardless, I would personally like to thank everyone who put in sweat, and/or will continue to put sweat into this website.

I’m sooo excited to see what incredible things there will be to share in the coming years – and it all happened on YOUR shoulders.

Special thanks go to: Theskar Kathiravelu (for his support with the web design), Bryn (for his support & feedback), Daniel Camer for his brilliant photography, Casey & Pam for always being there, Joe Vance & Aegan Montgomery (For their generous Abravault contributions), everyone who gave me their permission to use our collaborations on this site, and last but certainly not least, Antonio De Luca. He was incredibly generous with his time, showed a wonderful attention to detail, was a blast to work with, and truly saved the day. I’m a stickler, and he was there to help with every little adjustment. Together we put it all together and brought it all to life!

I know this is just the beginning of a site that will evolve in a plethora of ways – new content, new aesthetics… probably a virtual reality version in 2028 (there’s talks). We’ll keep you all updated regularly, so… bookmark this site!

As Celine would sing: Much leurvvve – T.A

IMG_20150428_143220(A selfie of me writing this post. Meta!)

EP & Album Coming In 2015!

First, a 4-track sample of the album this summer, and then – a full studio album! New & old favorites with awesome production, awesome players, even full-fledged (real!) horns & strings. It was an incredible learning curve having all these people play my (not always easy!) music, and I must say, its really coming together.

It was worked on in 2013 and 2014, pushed back by a variety of lovely surprises, like lead TV roles, and demand for more productions of the musical. First world problems. To give you a little sense before the tracks start to pour out, head down to The Abravault’s 2013 and 2014 sections, where you can find various tracks-in-progress from those album sessions.

Expect an E.P to show up on the music page this summer – then, a little after that, the full album.

Take a quick listen as we record strings & horns to one of the songs, ‘Intuition’: